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Linos Museum

Linos Museum in Kapedes Village Cyprus

About the Museum

Since primordial times, “Oinousa Cyprus” has been renowned for its vineyards and its wine, which is as sweet as nectar. In the past, the Kapediotes cultivated vineyards in the village’s rugged highlands and produced exceptional wine. They abandoned the unproductive grape production over time and focused more on animal husbandry. But even if the vines of the Kapedes were uprooted and lost, the lenos (the grape press), which now spends its “defeated” old age behind the heavy door of an old house, remained an undeniable witness of the former grandeur, in the heart of the city. The visitor to the linos, which have become a tourist attraction, can see, in the light that slithers timidly from an ardera, the jars in which the wine was once housed, as well as the mechanism of the stamp press, which sits next to it.

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