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Abandom Village Swallows in Kapedes Village Cyprus


About Mines

The copper mines of the Tamasou region have been known for three thousand years, ever since the Kingdom of Tamasou was founded in the eighth century B.C. and became a  due to the mining and trafficking of copper. 1951 marks the beginning of the reactivation of the Company under the name EME. Current-day drilling platforms are used to conduct research. The underground mining of the mines commences in 1953. Later on, miners’ disease was identified and claimed the lives of many young males.

The underground output of the mines was time-restricted. According to the last surviving miners, one of the Kapedes mines in the location “Kotshinovounaros” was once the source of gold extraction. The mine was decommissioned in 1928. Copper and iron pyrite were uncovered after many years of digging in the mine lake. They excavated the ground to construct a massive amphitheatre basin. It grew larger and larger over time, until the day the tinder ceased striking the copper. The mine was abandoned by the Hellenic Mining Company, its proprietor.

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Kokkinonero Mine

Kokkinovounaros Mine

Kokkinochoma Mine

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